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Dr. Jean Livet

Dr. Jeff Lichtman Laboratory, Harvard University
Cambridge, MA, USA
Specimen: “Brainbow” Mouse Brain Stem
Technique: Confocal

Brainbow is the process by which individual neurons in the brain can be distinguished from neighboring neurons using fluorescent proteins. By randomly expressing different ratios of red, green, and blue derivatives of green fluorescent protein in individual neurons, it is possible to flag each neuron with a distinctive color. This process has been a major contribution to the field of connectomics, or the study of neural connections in the brain. The study of neural pathways is also known as hodology by earlier neuroanatomists.


This is the sun. It’s a star. These types of stellar events are happening throughout the cosmos amongst many stars.

Think about this the next time you complain that “the sun is in your eyes” or, “it’s so hot”, or simply when you step outside, photons from this star encounter your face and you feel the warmth of this star’s energy immerse your fragile, human frame.

This is science astronomy heliophysics astrophysics scientific literacy SPACE.

Stay curious.

- sagansense

(Source: ideten)

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